And the next whim…

Here’s self reflective joint. I always have to step back when I’ve hit a milestone…Smell the roses, if you will.

JuggaloJohn: “sorg starts something on a whim and 90 percent of the time it explodes”

Shit, really?

Well, we just celebrated our 100 episodes of the Wrestling Mayhem Show. Something started on a whim, I suppose. And by chance. Evolved from streaming radio that had no future or purpose at the time. Now, we are part of a crew that unconferencees look forward to at Podcamps, listeners tune into live and via podcast every week, and at least two fans, who are doing better than us, have taken the time to visit. Now we’re heading to New York City as a crew. This show could never make any of us a cent (we’ve hardly made enough to pay for the bandwidth, or even the energy drinks we consume) but the rewards are plenty. I have spent plenty of late Tuesday nights making sure this show is as good as it can be going out the door, and people reciprocate.

100 episodes of Mayhem
6 years of Juggalos
1 album and maybe 20 times on stage

While some have identified me as the driving force, there is nothing I haven’t accomplished without the help of those around me. Mayhem wouldn’t be near the success without the talented and interesting people that talk with me every week and the fans that participate. WPAJ wouldn’t be here still without all of us sitting around a lobby table coming up with ideas that put us on the map. CRAP wouldn’t happen with out Jeff stepping up and showing me how to flow, or Doc giving us beats and studio to hone our stuff.

Mayhem doesn’t exist with out the Mayhemers.
WPAJ doesn’t exist without the Western Pennsylvania Juggalos.
CRAP doesn’t exist without my fellow Hip Hop CRAP Stars.

Because then it would all just be the Sorg show. And I’m sure I’m not nearly that interesting…

What’s my next whim going to be…

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