Kamikazee Hip Hop Show

Pictures courtesy Holly Dolly

Last night, I had the pleasure to play at the Kamikaze Hip Hop Showcase in Glassport, PA. This show was being put on by Skyline Entertainment. The concept was unique. About 11 bands were booked, told to prepare about 20 minute sets, and the order was drawn from a hat. The first two acts were drawn, then the next act was picked after every set. So we had about 20 minutes to prepare once we knew we were on.

First up was Holly Dolly with Legally Insane backing her up. Big C told me he knew they would get picked, as it was their curse. Holly has plenty of pics from the night. Second was Broken Wingz. He had some problems with his CD, but still brought it pretty hard. Enigma was up third. I was twittering much of the night’s happenings and was told by Dawn that he was a former student. Weird how that kind of thing comes together.

N-Visible was up next and rocked his set, though I don’t think people were feeling him this night. Then Money Pearl came up and impressed the hell out of everyone in that place. This guy about stole the show on talent. And I just found out he was up here from Florida. Basick Sickness jumped the stage next with his “hockey player” hair cut, as it was dubbed that night, and ripped through a set that got the crowd moving and moshing. Love the new shit. (keep an eye on WPAJ for something about that in the next couple days)

We took a small break and hung out in the light rain with the smokers. And what happens when we all get together? Holy Dolly does a Jack Sparrow dance and Jeff breaks out of freestyle, of course…But we got the crowd riled up for the hometown MCK. Jeff loves “Wanna be a gangsta” and got on stage for it. The crowd was all about MCK. Sikes was next and threw down a tight ass set. He stepped in to help us out when someone bowed out back at a September show we booked and he was impressive back then for an impromptu set. Check him out. Priceless Recordings was up last, but I was too spent to really take notice. Sounded good from what I caught.
Finally, CRAP got our chance. I was ok with the corded mics, until I got the one that couldn’t go halfway across the stage. Knew I should have opted to setup our mics. Lesson learned. Luckily, we had gotten last minute clearance to use the toilet paper. For those new to our show (I know there’s a few who read this blog) we have a bit of a gimmick where we throw rolls of toilet paper at the crowd. They throw it at eachother, wrap eachother up, and throw it back at us. It causes the right amount of mayhem we love to cause during one of our sets. The kids love it! Hell, so do the grownups! Either way, it’s entertaining the audience, even if they were standing in the back witnessing the mayhem, scratching their heads, it’s sure to stick. Set was good, people dug it, mission accomplished. Jeff debuted his “Fat Chicks” song. That’s pro-fat chicks. Cause they all need love too…

Big props to Broken Wingz and CJ who both branded the “stoke monkey” head during the set and kept things live and unpredictable. All of you out there are part of the show!

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