Another Blast From the Past…

I was bouncing around the net last night and came across this pic on Jeff’s Myspace. This was’s first attempt at what was dubbed a “Juggalo Comedy Show”. Thanks to the Near Professionals, a duo of improv comedians that we had befriended, and were curious about our “culture”, we came up with this night. We actually did it twice, and with a great attendance. Unfortunately, we weren’t’ as techno savvy as we are today and there is little to no footage that exists of the night. This makes me cry inside.

Much of this crowd are good friends I met with and talked with everyday at the Art Institute. It was one of the best times of collaboration and group creativity that I had ever experienced. All of these people were passionate about this thing and making shows like this happen. I recall us going to paint that wall behind us in the picture for the theme. I believe Melissa had the hookup for making that wheel. Scott and Dave (the comedians) were great guys to work with and genuinely loved learning about the Juggalo thing. They even had this one guy dress up as Eminem to get booed off stage and flip everyone off. We had that wheel that they would call someone from the audience to spin, landing on one of the six Joker’s Cards of ICP fame, which connected with one of their games.

In someways, I see a lot of the same qualities with some of the things we find ourselves involved with today. Podcamp, and all that entails, as well as another venture that is coming up. Two things filled with very passionate and creative people to make things happen.

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