I’m a Blogger!

You may ask yourself “But Sorgatron, you have been a blogger for at least 8 years.” And I tell you “NO SIR!” For I have not been a blogger until I have signed up to a nifty little applet bloggy thingy like this here blogger.com dealy. Yes, I said dealy. No longer to I manage my own blog! I have embarked on the niftiness of Web 2.0 and the “let someone else take care of the details” mentality.

I’ve linked all of the old archives from as far back as 1999 (so there’s a lot of late teen and tired college night dribble in there, to be honest.) I’ve been “blogging” technically since that time, starting with a Geocities, eventually graduating to Tripod, and my own server.

Also linked as a sort of “legacy site” is the History Book. This is a collection of pictures, mainly from my high school years. (so long ago) I’ve also recently started adding some videos from the same time period that are ripped from DVDs, that were made from aging VHS, that were recorded from glorious 8mm tape. Yeh, they’ve been through hell. And now that hell is youtube.com. Have fun with those, and my early works as a video editor in High School Media Class. Many recommend the glorious “Dew Witch Project” as the jewel of the collection.

So, enjoy the new space, and continue to read up on your Sorginess.

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