Dear Comcast, we must part ways…

Dear Comcast,

You and me have had a rocky relationship. First, it was a relationship of fondness, as I was humbled by my lame Adelphia service. Then excitement when you provided me with fantastic internet speeds and user friendly On Demand services that helped my Deadwood addiction.

But there have been many times you have failed me. First in memory was our ordeal with the internet. You would be down for hours at a time as I attempted to run my endeavors from home. Then we find you had provided me with faulty equipment it took two visits to replace.

Then you buy one of my few television loves in my short life. TechTV. You bought it, assimilated it with the stale, misdirected, G4, and killed off the most loved parts of it. For what, the viewers it once had? At least you kept my Morgan Webb wet dream alive. And the cast offs from TechTV have gone on and return to my life via the internet that is our lifeblood.

Ups and downs. DVRs and PPVs, we finally have met our last straw. First, you keep me from buying a wrestling PPV, TNA Lockdown. This hurts. I attempt to actually watch the wrestling I report on my Podcast radio show, the Wrestling Mayhem Show. This leads to me watching the event in delay, and through other channels I’d rather not explore. Because you wouldn’t let me buy it. 5 minutes into the preshow!!

Then we sit down to enjoy WWE Backlash. All fine, except for several glitches during the Last Man Standing match between Undertaker and Batista. Frustrating.

Finally, we sit down for TNA Sacrifice. sit through the preshow. Halfway through the first match, an X-Division Title encounter, we get a glitch. And it stops. After a call to Comcast, I realize this is ridiculous and ask to cancel the PPV buy for the evening.

Now, I look to explore the greener pastures of satellite television I so enjoyed back home when it was my only option. I will research some issues (HDTV, DVR, installation, local channels) and plan to order this week or so.

So in closing, good riddance, old friend.

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