I was here first.

Over the years, I’ve been involved in music scenes, online communities, and something called “micro-blogging” that I didn’t even know I needed, there has been some constants. Today, Justin Kownacki twittered the results from herebeforeyou.com:

@JustinKownacki was here 822 days before @Oprah http://herebeforeyou.com #herebeforeyou

Now, I’m not saying that Justin’s vain enough to tout this fact (I’m not denying it either), heck, I did the same thing, just for comparison…

#herebeforeyou @sorgatron was here 637 days before @oprah http://herebeforeyou.com

Ever since I first discovered music, and went to shows, people seemed really interested in telling me how down they were, usually measured in time. The Insane Clown Posse was around for 8 years before MTV and Disney made a big stink that catapulted them into infamy, and exposed them to millions of new fans. Right off of the bat, there was that divide between people who had just discovered them with the Great Milenko, and those that had discovered them years before in the “underground”. Today, we see the same issues between those of us that have been down since even that era, and the new teenagers just getting into the group on the online communities.

Now, with Twitter and Facebook blowing up all over media, letting the rest of the world in on our dirty little digital secret, the same seems true. The old standbys that have beeing Twittering and MyFacing for years now find Oprah and Ashton Kutcher exposing our corner. We notice more and more of the last people we expected to show up appearing in our new followers emails and friend ads. Many, who use these online outlets as, well, an outlet, for their personalities to a focused audience of their friends that are in on the joke, are finding it uncomfortable, and self censoring to have to realize who’s watching.

It’s always an interesting social perspective when we find ourselves presented with these situations. As more and more internet societies and technologies progress, we will begin to reminisce on when our beloved networks were ours to rule before someone “ruined it”.

And such is the pain of the early adopter…

Oh, and for the record:

@sorgatron was here 630 days
before @aplusk

Eat it, Mr. Demi Moore….

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