Grandpap Uses Glass

One of the first people I wanted to check out Google Glass was my Grandpap.  This is an 86 year old life-long Pittsburgher that regularly uses his computer to manage his financials and work with music for his choir at the local church.  He’s not afraid of technology.

We’ve also had great discussions when I talk to him about what I do with technology and video on a day to day basis, and would have loved to see his reaction.



Aside from this video, it’s important to note that he wore the Google Glass on his head for a good half hour as we talked and watched the Steelers game that was on.  He said it was really comfortable and could see using this on a day to day basis.  I was surprised that he didn’t have issues seeing the screen.  Not that his sight is diminishing to the point of glasses, but I figured there would be something with his aged eye sight that would make it difficult.

This experiment excites me to what it could me for this group of people.  I have seen impressive videos about the handicapped becoming more

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