Con on the Cob Days 1 and 2.

What’s up guys. Just wanted to put in an update from the Con this weekend. You guys can check out the latest on my Brightkite feed (pictures) and Twitter feed (text).

We got hear pretty easily Thursday and setup our booth. There were only a few hours open to the public, so Missfit, Will, Silent Ninja and myself got a lot of time to scope out the area. Then Will and I did the “Evolution of a Podcast” Seminar, to interesting results. If this is any preview of how our Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 seminar is going to go…

After wrapping up the seminar and exhibit hall for the night, we grabbed a bite and, interestingly, watched the VP presidential debate replay. That just served to anger, really.

The Silent Ninja may be getting the most out of this Con. It’s his first of any kind, and the Con on the Cob is especially a gaming Con. So he has been attending a few seminars on character and world design that should help him out in his studies in gaming at the Art Institute. He also bought a sword. Yes. As if he wasn’t dangerous enough, he now has a weapon.

We have made some new friends in our booth mates, as the zombies next door are from Robinson Twp. not too far from us. They have a casket full of t-shirts and an interesting zombie based LARP (Live Action Role Play). It’s been a good time with them. Check out their stuff at Zombie Buddy Productions.

Chachi and Jeff got here early afternoon and prepped for our sets. Due to some cancellations, Chachi and Will got on stage with a quickly reconfigured set. It was a bit awkward, but the crowd gave them a lot of love, and Chachi fucking killed it on his new “Clubbin'” track.

Eventually, CRAP got on stage about 6 PM. I got to say high to Keyz from the Awful Show, a show I’ve listened to for well over a year now. I deinitly want to catch Screw Your Neighbor tomorrow, since I missed it today. But we got up there and did the CRAP thing. The show was weird because it’s a stage at the bottom of a tiered mini auditorium. The crowd is sitting. But we delivered the usual high energy regardless. We have some video that will be posted eventually (and playing at our booth tomorrow), but here’s another angle of the show thanks to Keyz right here at the Awful Show Con Video site.

So two days down, some interesting people met, and so much more to go…

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