Con on the Cob Day 3

It’s a day removed from COTC, and there’s plenty to check out. Interestingly, Chachi called the night before from his hotel, down the turnpike. He decided to book Jeff and him something cheaper instead since they were only there for a night. They ended up in what was described as being from a horror movie.

We were greated by Dr. Espling making an appearance with family in tow. One of the most exciting of his gifts, a Wrestling Mayhem Show banner! Be sure that we are goingn to take that whereever we go from now on!

So we got up and decided to check out early from our own, non cockroach hotel room, and got geared up for our Introduction to Podcasting seminar at a very early 11 AM. It became interesting with Chachi and Jeff joining in the audience. They left the Rock Band setup, and we somehow obtained a baby shoe…and most got thrown at Chachi by Will. We did our best to be informative, in our own way, and you can check out that seminar for yourself…

Then, we were gearing up for some Nerdz Eatin Shroomz AKA Really Pale Gangsters (RPG) aka Superfriends? Chachi and Will (8-bit and emcee lb) had a better set, and really did well to cover up their inexperience with eachother in this makeshift group. Althogh, I’m certain they are ready to kill eachother mid set. And that would have been a hell of a vid. But they seemed to get a good response once again, regardless. This time, their set got on the Awful Show Music Page like the CRAP set did the night before…

So there were several hours before the CRAP set, and we had plenty of time, so we went o grab some grub and left Will and Chachi at the booth. Upon our return, there was a sign for “Free Conversations” and they told us we were relieved of booth duties for the day. Fine by me. So we broke out the recorder, and recorded some CRAPCast. Somewhere along the lines, Chachi ended up doing the “Truffle Shuffle”. I’m sure the Youtube link will follow in the coming days…

We went back to the Music Room and posted up to try to see some more music. There was an interesting mix of “comedy musicians” from Mostly parody kind of stuff. I was lucky enough to get involved with a short set of the Awful Show’s Screw Your Neighbor Live, as well.

But we did get a chance to meet the guys from Positive Attitude. We got to see their set at 7, at least as much as I could before taking off for tear down, and it was pretty damn good. They were more to the hip hop side of things, and performed with a video screen that added a lot to the act. Definitly check these guys out.

We sat through an abbreviated session of MST3K style Star Wars Holiday Special. Thank goodness, because that thing was unbearable. And that mix of the redneck and…whatever accent fellas doing the commentary was great!

Dual Core canceled their last performance at 9, which disappointed me, since that was one group I knew was up my alley, but I got a chance to check out their video, (and Sudden Death’s) at that Awful Show Music page from before. Worm Quartet, which is really one guy, was next up, after some guy did some more parody songs to fill in for the cancel. He was more along the Weird Al line of things, from what I saw. We were up next and did the CRAP thing. There were some technical difficulties because something was missing after the last act took off, delaying our set. But we rocked it. There will be some footage of that later on.

But we took off shortly after, since we had a long drive, and I was craving some good Sheetz. So the Con on the Cob came and went. I’m not sure what to think of it all. It wasn’t what I expected, in any manner, but wasn’t all bad. Maybe I’ll do more analysis on the weekend later on. But it was great to meet up with some new people. Positive Attitude was cool, the zombies from Zombie Buddy next to us were awesome all weekend, and it was good to meet Tha Mike and Keyz, although briefly, of the Awful Show that passes so much time for me each week. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me out there next year for a day.

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