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This Week in SorgCasts: Hellraiser!

Sometimes, In a rare instance, I’m pleased to look at what we’re building at and realize that, on the fornt page, it looks like an honest to goodness “content network”.  We have so many irons in the fire right now, and it’s only going to grow.
SM Special: Doug Bradley Interview
This was fun.  finally, the Toonseum footage was unveiled.  Mulango really did a good job for not really ever seeing Hellraiser.  And we did get a tip from one of the other patrons of the night to ask about the new Hellraiser.  Mulango went into Football, and his disdain for it, soccor, and a little bit of what he’s working on.

Proof of the awesome stuff that can happen just for getting off the couch.

My only hangup with the interview was that Doug was a little slow and methodical to his answering.  Nothing to bad, but I stretched for ways to keep it a little peppier.  It’s a great interview either way.

AwesomeCast 41: Naughty Droid

I’m still on the couch.  Along this time.  The fun part of this episode was Chachi happening to still be on call for his IT day job.  A problem since he was running the switcher.  Awkward, but one of those “realism” spots to a live to tape Podcast like I like to run.

Mulango came back, which is always welcome.  We’re working on some promotional stuff with him, and as always, his comic now at

Wrestling Mayhem Show 260: They Call Him Boom Boom

Jake Garrett is an independent wrestler from the area that I see socializing everywhere I work these days.  Didn’t matter how awesome or less than awesome of a promotion I thought it was, he was there.  I’ve engaged in some good conversation about said indy scene for a while now, and when doing so probably around January, I stopped mid conversation and said “why the hell aren’t we having this talk on the show?  To which I made sure to note to myself to schedule him for a future shot.  He was real great to have a frank discussion, without the hate that some workers seem to steam of, about the indies and even the big television.  Jake was great enough to hang out with us going through the news of the week after our getting to know him session, and we made sure to give him a chance to plug his

Chachi Says 25: It’s a Scary World Out There…

Chachi made an episode out of one tweet, and the causing situation, out of his endeavor to play 1,001 games via his blog (which has just been revamped and moved at  The man has become a machine in blogging.  I’m still trying to find my ultimate muse on this one that he seems to make look easy with his gaming obsessions.

Music Funtime Show 36

Part laziness.  Part busyness.  All because I really dug most of this new Noncents Vol. 17 album at Scrub Club Records.  

Have Fun. Make Money!

“Have Fun.  Make Money!”

It was a saying that I’d often hear as I left the house in Jamestown, PA as I ventured off in my early “career” as a bus boy at the local country club, or more necessarily, waiting at a Perkins on the weekends while commuting to my first quarter at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  This was a period when I wasn’t all that excited about my job.  Customer service is hard.  And I was very much still developing my people skills.

But still, that was a phrase that resonated with my from my Dad.  As I continued to find myself in work that didn’t quite excite me, or felt like where I wanted to be.  I’d do my best to have fun, whether it be with my co-workers in the office, or making a game of the monotonous work.  But then I looked at it another way.  Maybe I didn’t have to struggle to counter the “job suffering” everyone thinks we are entitled to until retirement.

Have fun AND make money.

I made a choice back in August to change my work to grow a bit more.  Thankfully, my employer went for it along with me.  (along with some suggestions on how it could actually help the company.  Yes, my not being here helps the company.  Trust me.  It makes more sense then it sounds.)  Now, while still working a few days a week as a safety training “Video Specialist and Technologist”, I also have a a job helping with social media and new media oppurtunities, including, oddly enough, a print magazine, as a Director of Web Media.  Aside from this, I have the openess to obtain gigs shooting pro wrestling, Democratic debates, edit activism videos, assist with a web series, and continue with my attempt to build a media empire on the side.  I transition from videography, editing, and juggling social media on a daily basis.  I’m busier than I’ve ever found myself in my life. And no matter how busy…

I’m having a blast doing it. Every day.

While it’s been hard to strike that balance to find the work that pays the bills, as long as that’s accomplished, what more could you want?

Are you having fun yet?

Not Much…

So, I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly in the last ten years, gaining lists of friends from all walks of life that just love to chat.  I love the community and the socialness of it all.  When there’s something to converse about.

And you’ve all had this conversation…

Them: Hey man

Me: Sup

Them: Not much

And that’s it.

I mean, I think I know what’s happening here.  This is someone’s attempt to reach out.  But lets put this in a group setting.

Fellow walks up to me at, say, the Podcamp Pittsburgh meet n greet as I’m obviously engaged in gathering some delicious free snacks.

Them: Hey man

Me: Sup

Them: Not much

Awkward moment.  I go back to my snacks.

So this is a PSA to all of you Facebook and IM chatters out there.  Don’t be a Hey Man.  Have a followup.  Have a reason for being (online).  Give me a reason to put the free snacks down…

This Week in SorgCasts: Finding Time

Chachi Says 11: Fan Request 2

Chachi returns to his fan request concept, and continues with the next week’s.  He’s really building a real interactive community.  We’re going to have some fun working with that here in the near future.

AwesomeCast 26: The Slaughterhouse

From all of the crazy reorganized scheduling from this week’s Baristas shoot, we managed to find time Tuesday to film AwesomeCast on location at Rob’s place.  I’m really enjoying the experiments we’ve had with this show’s setup.  A laptop running my trusty BoinxTV, and my Panasonic patching in firewire and the shotgun mic.  An easy 2 camera setup.

I’m looking forward to our next few lined up guests, and some fun in studio stuff.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 245: Deeeeelicious Chesty

And speaking of in studio, you can’t have a bad show with our favorite local indy guest Jimmy Demarco.  We were supposed to do this Sunday, but had to back this up to Thursday due to some unavoidable issues.  But we had a great hour and a half with Jimmy and Chest Flexor.  The fans were alive in the chat, despite the recording date move, and the questions pored in throughout the week leading up.  Jimmy lost his career ending match Saturday night, but I hope that doesn’t keep him from stopping by to have some fun on the show.

Music Funtime Show 26: Paul Hammond

Dr. Espling really stepped up our show quality this week.  He moved his segment from an audio setup to video to suite our expansion to YouTube and and stepped things up.  No I have to work on the rest of the show to keep up with what he’s submitting.  Only leads to great things.  Also part two of my interviews at TrackAddict Records with my old friend Paul Hammond.

With the whole crazy schedule, I didn’t get a chance to do our wrap up video, so I decided to throw something together when Chachi was over tonight doing this week’s Chachi Says.  Look for that late Monday.