Blogs and Beer Bash

Once again, my fellow geeks prove they know how to party.

Last night was an interesting milestone, and maybe a new concept. It was the first every “Podcast Release Party” thrown by those industrious guys at the StromHuelsman Podcast. A hair-endowed Lunchbox/Will and myself showed up early (or on time? I’m still not sure yet) and witnessed the newly created pyramid de la Keystone on the porch.

The crowd started to grow, and conversations started to spark. I recall having conversations about everything from blogs to wordpress to a debate on whether the new Transformers suck or not.

It was a good time, and what looked like a great turnout. Podcasters love to get their party on. Big props to the guys for the new show, and the local Blog community to come out in force to support the guys.

Here is Norm’s speech from the night via their site.

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