A Letter to 16 Year Old ME: It’s Going to Be the Future Soon…

From: April 14, 2011
To: April 14, 1997
By way of Gmail to MailCity bypass (bottled technology, William!)

Hey me! How’s it going? Don’t answer that. And don’t give me credit for that inventive title. Someone else wrote it.

Anyways, I thought about everything going on, and all of the cool toys we’ve been playing with. And by toys, I mean what we’re using to get some honest to goodness work and play down, equally.

So, I know you have been looking forward to technology and the internet at this point, watching those old CNet shows on Sunday morning and can’t wait to get to your 33.6 modem to get those “Daily Downloads”, but man are you going to be surprised.

I know you’ve only had the time wasting glory of satellite television for maybe a year at this point after all those years of barely three channels. You will soon find that maybe it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be, though. When you get to the big ol’ 2011, many of the people you will know, despite not being poor, won’t be bothering with it. We’ll be getting our television over the internet. And not on those postage stamp videos you’re excited to queue up 30 seconds of after a fifteen minute wait. Catalogues of movies for a flat rate, automatic boxes at the grocery store. It’s crazy. You’re going to be amazed that the old Video Shelf has survived this long. It’s one of the few video stores that has.

Have you started downloading music yet? Feel a little dirty? It’s not going to be much better. Heck, it’s actually going to fade a little bit. But only because you can click a button and buy a track for a buck. Dangerously easy, actually.

And I know you’re real big on tinkering with your computer and upgrading it. It’s a thrill! It’s knowledge that’s going to help you, but don’t be surprised when that fades as you turn to the dark side to become a “Machead”. Believe me, you’ll be better for it.

Has Bill Gates been talking about tablets yet? If not, he will be soon. I’m pretty sure you’ll ignore him, but you might be typing a blog post to yourself in 14 years on something that sounds as crazy as he sounds with a fruit emblazoned on his back. A friend may even be looking to convert wholly away from laptops and desktops as you know it for a month as a test. It’s that close. You’ll find yourself playing games on that thing (and a phone. We didn’t believe it until we saw it either) than my Xbox. What’s that? Well, Microsoft got something right. Mostly.

Well, it was good to check in with you again, old pen pal. I know you’re in the process of a desperate move for your future. Don’t worry, that new school will launch you into plenty of new opportunities. Even that Media class you’re sure won’t bear any fruit other than an easy A is going to be more applicable than you think. Remember when you looked at movies and wrestling and thought they were just so far out of your reach? Start trying to shake that doubt now. Trust me.

Till next time!
30 Year Old You

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