26. Juggalo Comedy Show

Spinning the Joker Wheel (pic by Snackz)
Spinning the Joker Wheel (pic by Snackz)

One of the greatest examples of the ideas and making things happen back in the day was a pair of Juggalo Comedy Shows that we ran back in the day.  Melissa (aka twztedchik on this site) introduced us to The Near Professionals, Dave Fedor and Scott Whitehair.  A pair of improv comics that had just started a small venue that used to be a bank ages ago in the back streets of Natrona Heights.  Somehow, they got to start to talk about this whole Juggalo thing and Insane Clown Posse, the Joker Cards, and everything that went with it.  The idea for them to do a comedy show with conjunction with us came about.  For two guys that had no idea about our little world, these guys really got into it.  They read on the internet, listened to the albums, and often asked us for advice and clarification.

In preperation, the crew came together.  We went to the Vault Theater (named for the vault in the back, still installed from when it was a bank, now serving as the dressing room) with cans of paint, spray paint, and ICP posters (bought from the now defunt B&E’s in Springdale for cheap) and did the Juggalo makeover on the place.

"Chicken Hunting" with mouse traps and bare feet (photo by
"Chicken Hunting" with mouse traps and bare feet (photo by Snackz)

)On January 10, 2004, we debuted the concept to a full house of about 30 Juggalos.  I was, understandably, a little excited, and a little worried.  would these guys “get it”?  Would the Juggalos eat  them alive?  Everyone loved the setup.  The wheel at the center of the recessed stage was the focal point.  People would come down and spin the wheel to determine the “Who’s Line is it Anyways?”style game that would relate to each Joker Card.  This was combined with skits by the pair.  there was a “Stranglemania” interview with Scott in rather unsightly tights, a sketch that represented Disney as they dealt with ICP’s Great Milenko release (and ending with some impressive white hoods with mouse ears), and the best yet: “Chicken Huntin”.  This was a game where the duo, dressed as rednecks, walked out onto a a mouse trap covered stage in bare feet, acting out a skit as they mis stepped in pain.  The crew even had a “Feminem” character that they abused throughout the night that would dance with the poor audience member that drew a “?” on the wheel, and actively flipped off the crowd with a face of disgust.

The night was a success, and it was just another example of why I loved being a part of something like this thanks to a little web site.

To find out more about our first Juggalo Comedy Show, read the interview I did with them for Empire Extreme Magazine shortly after (PDF format)

A Juggalo Family Pic after a successful Juggalo Comedy Night!
A Juggalo Family Pic after a successful Juggalo Comedy Night!

For 8 years, I’ve run a site called WesternPAJuggalos.com. A fan site for “Juggalos”. Fans of Insane Clown Posse and their line of music. On November 15, I’m closing the site to make room for future projects. So I’ve been inspired to create a countdown after talking to some people at Podcamp Pittsburgh 4 that were in similar situations.

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