2009: A Sorg in Review

We did it last year.  It’s time again for a Sorg in Review…

  • Visiting the New York Comic Con. I got to meet Kevin Eastman, the Penny Arcade guys, and sit on some great seminars about Marvel Digital, Animated, and how to get into television.
  • Meeting the stars – Ric Flair, Jimmy Snuka (in person and WMS Interview), Virgil, Dominic Denucci.  All people I’ve at least had the pleasure to shake their hand and say hi to at shows.
  • Music Wound Down – I did my last show with Really Pale Gangsters back in March.  Was scheduled to play in August for CRAP that didn’t pan out.  The WPAJ Interview panned out interviews with Jered of hed pe (again), the rest of DGAF, Mower, and Dirtball (again), Potluck (a return to my first group interviewed), Polk of Project Born, Ardor, and several local groups.  But it was time for something new…
  • Steps Forward – I vowed late 2008 to get somewhere with my work.  I established Sorgatron Media to label all of my independent work, grew Wrestling Mayhem Show and cleaned up some of the format with the crew, took a stab at a business proposal, and did a variety of Podcast, DVD, shooting, and editing.  Podcamp Pittsburgh became more involved on the video side, and on the sponsorship side.  I think a lot of groundwork got set for business to pick up in 2010.
  • Closing WesternPAJuggalos.com ….because it was time to kill off an 8 year old project.  The hardest thing I had to do this year was probably shutting down WPAJ.  I wrote several posts about what we did with that site meant to me, and received several submissions from people that have been a part of this project over the years.   It was a great, appropriate way to close the door on this one…
  • New HampshireI had the chance to drive through the top half of my own state that I’m fairly certain I had never trekked across, and on into New England for the first time. 
  • New Roommate –And of course, we capped the year introducing Ashley to our Pittsburgh family. 

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