Wrestling Mayhem Show 182: This is a Facinating Podcast

This week, we hit our fanmail and get pissed off, then we listen to our own hosts thoughts on the voicemail.  We then check out what’s happening in the indy world as we tackle International Wrestling Cartel, Chikara, Ring of Honor, and others.  We end up calling Panda Energy for comment about TNA, and talk […]

Wrestling Mayhem Show 179: When the Sorg’s Away

Mayhem in every sense of the word! Dj Lunchbox is workin the boards once again with new owner Silent Ninja in the studio. Some surprise returns with Mad Mike, Mayhem Missie, Miss Papuga and everyones favorite cuban youngster, Wrestlefan! We get a call from The venerable Joe Dombrowski to keep us up to date with […]

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