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Going 360

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for May 26, 2016.  You can Subscribe to it here or read the archive!

360 has obviously captured my attention.  Obviously.  It’s the time that the format has become usable with affordable-ish 360 cameras like the one Chilla has been playing with, and accessible experiences in Facebook and Google Cardboard.

This has become even more accessible to the smartphone users thanks to something we’ve been experimenting called Splash.  If you have used the Panorama feature on an iPhone or other smart phone apps, the process should seem familiar.  You will have to spin a few times as you take a mix of individual videos and images in a 360 viewable area that appears as an interactive video on Facebook or in the app.  The app is nice that it does include Google Cardboard support so you can further immerse yourself.

Splash 360: Nashville Waterfront
Splash 360: Quail Canyon Motorcross

The results can be a little wonky sometimes with odd stitching and peculiar moving objects when you scan the submissions so far.  But speaking with one of the Splash team members, they are working to educate the public on how to make better 360 videos and aim to make the platform a sort of “snapchat for 360” use that you can capture a scene rather quickly and share it.

The platform can be super powerful.  Music Splashes and samples with multiple versions of a person dancing show the possibilities.  What Splash is missing is the right mix of creatives that made Vine or Snapchat pop with stand out content.  (hint: go play with it.  That could be you, early adopters.)

What can you do with it?  Let me know if you have a chance to play with it!

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Clammr Widget on SorgatronMedia.com

It Came From the Newsletter: Just a Little Bit. Are you using these small platforms?

From the Sorgatron Media Creators Newsletter List for April 3, 2015.  You can Subscribe to it here! You can Read the rest of this newsletter here! 

I couple of weeks ago, I received an email through our Wrestling Mayhem Show account from a student at the Berklee College of Music about a service called Clammr.
Clammr iOS App InterfaceThe concept: An app that is just 18 Second audio clips.

That’s it!

At first, I didn’t think I’d have the time bandwidth to do it for some or all of my shows.  Then it hit me.  I’m already experimenting with putting video clips to Instagram and Twitter Video to help push people to my shows with quick hits to get them interested.  And I’ve had good feedback.  So it wasn’t much to it to combine Clammr’s 18 second audio to my 15 and 30 second workflow.

The app gives us a pretty nice interface to share a variety of things we’re doing around here since we have such a variety.  I don’t feel so weird about throwing them in one feed since it’s just clips.

Clammr Widget on SorgatronMedia.comYou then can set a call to action.  For me, I send all of my listeners to the MP3 of our shows.  This seems to be the nicest option since the full show will now play right in the app!  Youtube and web pages are also options if you’re sending to a video (as I do with our Sawtooth Willie series) or to a blog post (Read a few lines into the app on your iPhone and link them over!)

A nice addition is the nice widget player that I can install on my site.  This player pops up with the latest audio post, and you have all of the advantages for a new or returning user to explore your content!

Clammer is iOS for now.  I recommend looking at it if you’re exploring new ways to get traction to your content!

Here’s what we have this week: Read the rest of this newsletter here! 


Automatic Updates Your Car For Your Smart Phone

We have seen so many instances of our cars talking with our smartphones over the years. But most of the time it’s out of the reach of most of us. By the time I see a Ford Sync on the used car lot I usually get my transportation, it’s going to be like picking up a WebTV today.

But Automatic solves part of this problem. Automatic is an add on that connects to your OBD II port standard in most cars since 1996. I remember this port being used by my dad when he bought a reader that spit out a code that you needed basically an encyclopedia to decode. This seems a bit easier.

But aside from diagnostics, the device does a bit more.


My initial impressions after installing Automatic

IMG_0263The setup process was very simple. My unit came with a mini-pamphlet that really just told me to go the the App Store and download the Automatic app. You plug in your code on your unit and create an account online to tie it too. It actually gave me a video explaining what the port was I was looking for, and where it may be in my car. The app even had a flashlight button on the step page. You have to turn on your car to sync the device, then it tells you about the notifications it makes.

The big feature is tracking just how you drive. There are certain beeps the device will make when you hard brake, hard accelerate, and drive over 70 mph. Driving habits that wreak havoc on your MPG performance. Sure enough, it beeped on each instance. Though I have to admit trying to trip it so I’m not surprised later.

IMG_0860This all adds up to give you a running score for the week. The app also tells you how many miles you traveled on a trip, and the estimated amount your trip cost in dollars. According to the site, this is based on local gas prices. This is pretty nice as I travel pretty much to a different place every day of the week, and being able to assess just what those trips cost my in the tank is going to be a huge help to my business dealings.

The other features are more promise than delivery so far. But for good reason. Nothing has gone wrong with my car. The program claims it can manually turn off that check engine light, and read the meaning of that code to you. But it doesn’t help us see what the cause of our always on “AWD Disabled” light is that has plagued us for a good while now in our 2005 Buick Rendezvous.

The program helps you find where you parked your car. I’m sure a handy feature if I were to go drinking on the South Side, but I usually park pretty close.

The other interesting feature that hasn’t been enabled just yet is the Crash Alert feature. This brings the OnStar-like ability to notify emergency services in the event of a crash, in part, using your accelerometer and data connection. You can also set it up to notify your family if something happens. I’m guessing you presume your phone doesn’t get smashed in the crash.

You can check out Automatic and it’s latest availability at Automatic.com.

WMS Gold iPhone App Available Now!

I’m pretty excited about this. WMS takes it’s first venture on the iPhone App Store:

Idt’s been a few weeks in the works, but finally, all of you iPhone users have a chance to get even greater access to the show!

Thanks to the help of those fine folks at Wizzard Media, who have roots right here in Pittsburgh, PA, and their ProApp program, you can now get this app as of this week! Load it up, and you’ll find a WMS themed interface with access to all of our audio shows on our current server, iPhone wallpaper, quick access to the Mayhem Hotline, Twitter, email to the show, and sharing WMS with your friends, as well as bonus content for select episodes!

What’s this? Bonus content? We started this week by including some extra video taken before and between segments where we go a little more off topic than normal. Drop by to see some more behind the scenes! For the time being, this is the only way to get the content (though we’re looking for options for non-iphone users).

Get the app. Support the show. Get Mayhem at your finger tips! It’s on $1.99! Get it here!