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Part of my belief about Social Media is you have to find a place in your life for it to be effective.  It has to be something where you look at the things happening around you in your business and can easily parse that into something you can use as content.

I had been having a struggle lately.  My desire to attack Snapchat with a little more purpose had me realizing I was then falling off on other platforms.  Namely Instagram.

So I finally settled on a shift.

Snapchat is my scratch pad.  A place to make media, which is being shared with my main circle via Stories on the platform.  If I like what I did, it gets repurposed to Twitter as individual videos I can share, or on Facebook, I’ve been using it as sort of a video journal post on how my day was.

Instagram is for stories. I don’t JUST post ok pictures on there.  Instead of a flux of posts if I’m at an event, I find one picture that I take from an event, then take the opportunity to talk about the event, give some thoughts, and make something a little deeper.

Twitter is for thoughts.  A place to pontificate in sound bites.  Aside from the systems in place to help promote across my many accounts, each is a silo to share and converse amongst the public.

Facebook is for communication. Yes I know that’s a term all of this can fall under, but I mean it as deeper and broader communication.  Groups, shares, threads, and messenger discussions.  I crosspost from Twitter, so many of those same thoughts become paragraphs as others chime in on this platform.

Slack is for business. It’s the Facebook where we attempt to have specific conversations about the work we do around the Podcasts and projects at Sorgatron Media

How are you using your networks?

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