Yay Twitter!


The power of Twitter continues to amaze me… So lets roll with this list thing again….

Top 5 Reasons Twitter is awesome…

1. Ghostbusters Night. It rose from the depths and madness of Twitter on a fateful Tuesday morning as everyone when Ghostubusters avatar/quote crazy. Maybe two hours later, a screening was planned at the Creative Treehouse for last Friday, which drew more than 30 people on word of mouth. Amazing. And it gave me a reason to dust off my old Proton Pack!

2. New friends. Missy has recently embraced Twitter. She’s been on, getting mine. But I drop kicked her list and added all the new people she now knows from the recent Podcamp meetings. That, with the aquiring of a Windows Mobile phone, and she’s a fucking addict. She even went on to start her own blog. A practice she’s resisted for years despite my prodding, I’m sure.

3. A common knowledge. It’s like the Borg hive mind. With personality. There are things in each other’s lives that we are all aware of amongst this new circle of friends that makes things even more interesting when we get together in the physical realm. Making social gatherings easier (especially since I tend to be shy in new situations)

4. Chance Meetings… That become less chance. It’s a big city. And it gets so much smaller when we know we are in the vicinity of another who just broadcast from a coffee shop in Squirrel Hill or something.

5. Keep in touch. I’ve found myself trying to sway my father to check up on me electronically. My mother already reads this blog and knows what is going on in my life. I was showing my dad Twitter, and how it works. I know I lead a busy life and we don’t always connect for that phone call home. Somehow a constant feed makes sense to the concerned parent. (especially since his phone line is antiquated and horrible up there) And I hope he will reciprocate with responses of his own when he happens to be on to stay in touch.

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