WTF Was I Thinking Video: WWE vs TNA Bloopers

Last year, as I’ve mentioned for the Chadawick video, we got together, I setup a makeshift greenscreen in my living room, and we shot some stuff. One of the big ideas of the day was an Apple “Switch” inspired series of videos called “WWE vs TNA” Simple; we had Chad representing WWE with his Edge shirt, Hardy Boys chain, and my suit jacket. Will represented the young, brash, and cocky TNA.

While many of these videos get plenty of hits on YouTube, and cultivate a lot of discussion of which brand is better, one video in particular has exploded with over 120,000 hits, the most of any of my other videos on the account. But it’s the blooper reel. The majority of the comments complain about their waste of time watching the thing (but it’s Youtube. Go read a book)

  • I was very tired when trying to squeeze this video out. And besides, it’s a blooper reel. So I didn’t pay much mind to things like typing “cunting room floor”. Whoops.
  • “That’s our deep frier” Don’t film next to the kitchen. When someone wants to cook.

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