WTF Was I Thinking Video: The Dew Witch Project

This week, I have a treat for you. This is one of my favorite projects of all time. So before you watch, some setup: Its 2000. Chachi and I were in the same Media class in high school (his first year, my second). And this was our final project for the year. At the time, we prided on consuming mass amounts of Mountain Dew (we would by cubes of the stuff at a time). And of course, the Blair Witch Project was fresh in our minds. Somehow, this came together.

Watch the video before reading below. Much spoilerage.

  • Yeah, kind of a big Manson fan. I think I used Sweet Dreams for a photo collage…
  • The mass woods were behind my dad’s house in Jamestown, PA.
  • I drew the map.
  • Chachi did not have a license. And might not have been of legal age to drive, even.
  • Jered, who played Jardina/Moby, is now active in the Navy. This is him now
  • I think that mini glass Dew was on the floor of my car for a good bit of time. We refilled it and used it for the scene.
  • Nope, we can’t cross a four foot creek without that board….
  • Night scene = sitting on the floor of the bathroom and passing the camera around.
  • The “Dew Monster” was John Kovax. And was some extra footage from the parking lot of the christian coffee show we all hung out at when not at Perkins. He wore lots of hardware on his face (rare in our town) and chewed on pop cans.
  • Jered was a huge fan of Moby and got on stage with him at the first Rolling Rock Town Fair. I need to find that footage….
  • Linear editing. That’s why it’s kind of bumpy at times. I don’t miss those days…

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