WTF Was I Thinking Video: Thanksgiving Throwback

Ever since I started coming down for school in the ‘burgh, I’ve attempted to return home every Thanksgiving for that extended weekend after visiting my family in Moon. It was always a great time to catch up with everyone still back home. It’s just random happenings in my room at my dad’s place, but entertaining, nonetheless.

  • Once again, Chachi is probably going to kill me, but man, that kid could dance.
  • This came to mind after running into an old friend I fell out with after a bit some 8 years ago who gave Chachi his name.
  • To ID, the one girl is my cousin in the background, the other I haven’t talked to and moved to Texas, I think? Brian, the other dude, got married or something.
  • It’s pointless. It’s Thanksgiving. Give Thanks for Chachi’s mad jigging skils….

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