WTF Was I Thinking Video: PCPGH2 Mans on the Streets

Wednesday night was another Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 meeting. It was productive, lots of good news, and a great hang out afterwards. Then, by chance, I found this following video from last year’s…

  • The things I do on camera when Will isn’t looking….
  • What did we learn? Don’t “woo” when someone is in the intersection. We fear that a car is going to chop us.
  • I suppose this may have been the first attempt at “Should I Wrestle That” And we finally started getting to it again a year later…
  • “Pittsburgh Malaria Pigeons?” I swear we didn’t know PittGirl at this point.
  • Well…I guess someone had to plan the Beaver Bus in from of the Porn Shop.
  • Doc Remedy looks like his hair blew up

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