WTF Was I Thinking Video: Dr. Suess

This week, I’m going to go a little more recent. This was an episode of CRAP TV we did in February 2007, if I recall. It started as I read the featured book to Jeff’s son, Anthony, and he loved it. For some reason, we thought this would be a good idea.

  • Jeff said he was going to show up all gangster, if I’m correct, and showed up with that clown suit and boxing gloves.
  • Notice the black eye and heart on his face. I think this was a precursor to “Dicktoad Sweetass
  • It was filmed in Melissa’s apartment in Springdale.
  • We were definitly PBS inspired for this one.
  • I am pulling for Jeff to perform a CRAP show in that damn outfit.
  • This video is featured on CRAP TV Volume 2 (Going to have it online for sale soon)
  • What this has to do with our music that it’s meant to promote, I have no idea…

I don’t have much on this. It pretty much speaks for itself.

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