Wrestling Mayhem Show 125:

The Wrestling Mayhem Show gets Sexually Harassed! This week, we are joined by Justin Idol and Eric Xtasy, the current IWC Tag Team Champions! We field many questions f rom the chat room, other wrestlers, and they feel the Mayhem!

This is Episode 125 for Tuesday, July 15, 2008. You can get the episode here on Talkshoe, subscribe, and as always, stay tuned to www.WrestlingMayhemShow.com for the latest! The Wrestling Mayhem Show is recorded live and can be heard/viewed from 8 PM to 10 PM Eastern on Talkshoe.com and BlogTV.com.

Also, check out the newest Podcast from Mayhem Studios, CRAPCast! Featuring Sorg and Big Daddy Shit shooting the “Shit” about music and whatever else comes to mind. It’s a podcast with the same philosophy of the group CRAP: “It Doesn’t Matter”This week, Paul Hammond and Chachi aka 8-bit of Nerdz Eatin’ Shroomz!

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