WPAJ as a community blog?

From WesternPAJuggalos.com:

I’ve been trying to think of some of the best ways to get WPAJ active, and continue to introduce this community to the new direction of the web, and something came along in one of the other blogs I participate in, www.OMGPittsburgh.com. A discussion about the advantages of this site can be read here , which spawned my thoughts on this subject.

The idea is that about anyone can sign up and participate. In this case for OMG, it’s anything Pittsburgh based.

So what if we had an open contributor platform for WPAJ? Let any of the Juggalos sign in and post their thoughts, news, etc?

And what sort of limitations would there need to be? The obvious things that would be void of our web host (nudity, racism, etc) Do we have an approval process? And do we let anyone in at all? should there be guidelines? Judging from the emails I get, sometimes the Juggalos don’t have the best of grammer, use all caps, etc. Things unbecoming of a readable web site.

What do you guys think? is this the next logical step for a site like this? Would this be a good way to take the site and put it fulling back in the hands of the community?

Give your thoughts by commenting on this post, or head over to the WPAJ Board and drop your thoughts.

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