Wintereenmas: WWF Wrestlefest

From Wrestling Mayhem Show..

"Meeeeeaaaannnnn Gene...."

I recall back in the day, I had maybe a year’s worth subscription to the good old WWF Magazine circa 1992.  This was where you heard of great things like those sweet wrestler ice cream bars, or, of course, WWF Arcade games!  I once happened across a machine for WWF WrestleFest, and it was wrestling fan Nirvana.  The characters were large and colorful.  This was likely one of the first appearances of the Royal Rumble, ring entrances, actual people in the crowd, and the only showing of Saturday Night Main Event that I know of.

Glad to see the guest of WMS 204 in a video game!

I had a chance to revisit this one, taking the aforementioned Saturday Night Main Event Tag Team mode the distance, beating the unplayable Legion of Doom with my team of Ultimate Warrior and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  The button mashing was to be had!  Then the Royal Rumble mode, the only other mode in the game, is great.  Six guys start off, and after pinning, yes pinning, you see the entrance of the next.  This, and digitized Mean Gene Okerland!  This is easily the most fun game of one of my favorite eras in wrestling.  There’s even a page dedicated to bringing the game back to Xbox Live!

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