Wintereenmas: The Best Geek in Geek Town

It’s time to show them what you got.  Who’s the biggest geek in these internet parts this Wintereenmas between myself, the ever technical technological Sorgatron, and the Mayor of Twitterland Chachi.  And my answer?  If it’s show and tell time, it’s collection time.  I know little who have the stacks (of games) I have.  Those that visit Mayhem Studios see a menagerie of gaming gear.  About 7 consoles in semi-retirement, ready to be hooked up anytime.  There are never less than two consoles under my living room television.  There’s even a PS2 in my bedroom for the more intimate gaming needs.  There is a basket of controllers, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS on the coffee table for easy access.

  • NES –  The first.  The alpha.
  • Super Nintento – used and smoke damaged, but dammit it works!
  • Sega Genesis
  • Sega CD – went through two of these failing on my brother and myself
  • Sega 32X – Why? Because Star Wars Arcade was the shit!
  • Sega Saturn – Because I loved the Capcom 2D stuff!  Street Fighter Collection.  X-Men.  I even wanted to mod the console and try to import Street Fighter vs X-Men!
  • Sega Dreamcast – Shenmue.  Marvel vs Capcom.  The ability to run NES emulators and more!  Best $50 I ever spent on a discontinued product
  • N 64 – Conker’s Bad Fur Day.  NFL Blitz.  Loved it.
  • Playstation –
  • Playstation 2 – Was the first console since the Game Boy that I had bought while still “in cycle”.  And I never regretted it.
  • Game Boy – I beat Kirby’s Dreamland on the way home from WalMart.  What is wrong with me.  Also was excited at my sluggish version of Mortal Kombat I was relegated to.
  • Game Boy Advance – This thing is the greatest console for anyone with a love for old 16-bit games.
  • Nintendo DS – Ok.  It’s the wife.  She loves Phoenix Wright
  • Xbox 360 – Bioshock.  Rock Band.  And I watch a lot of movies on it.
  • Wii – Collecting dust, but I’ll get to that Wii Sports workout someday…

There.  So what you got Chachi…

Oh crap…

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