Wintereenmas: Hottest Game Girl

Each year, there is a lesser known holiday that we have celebrated amongst our crew. That is the Wintereenmas holiday, first started by those crazy guys at ctrl alt delete. Chachi and myself have embraced this holiday over the years. Even leaving my Christmas tree up to decorate in video game controllers. So this week, in celebration, we present to you a series of posts amongst and Today: The Best Gamer Girl.

While Chachi may have aimed for someone that is traditional,, yet strong after getting tired of being whisked away by the bad guys, my pick is more along the lines of a 14 year old fantasy that it was when Super Street Fighter II came out.  Chun Li was buff, but Cammy with her (supposed) english accent and that leotard, made my high school dreams.  I’m happy to see that the fan art, sites, and cosplay, as well as updated HD appearances keeps that still alive to this day.

Now, it’s not all good.  As per her bio, Cammy is a British Central Intelligence Agent.  Ok, we got you.  It makes sense with that berret and combat boots.  But I’m not sure where a leotard and sparse camo leg paint  is functional in the field.  Thankfully, the Street Fighter movie at least come something more realistic than the game when they pantsed up Cammy’s character (but not in the Movie game)

But the best, by far are the cos play shots.

Bam.  ‘Nuff Said

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