Where the Hell is Carmen Sandiago

I’ve searched, but could never find Carmen Sandiago. I searched through time, thumbing through this intimidating pocket encyclopedia, using my little gray box, reading mass lines of text instead of jumping on turtles. I never found her. Which means she is beyond time, I’ve deduced.

Then I sat and watched Rockapella bring me into the world of PBS. And you may think they were a one trick pony. Not so. And the Chief, who I remember from The Warriors would lead the way. The crooks were always easy to catch, but Carmen was far more elusive. But who didn’t want to run around a giant United States map!

But they seriously need to work on their security, because they always got out of jail. I thought the Super Hero jails were bad…these guys just have bad costumes.

And seriously. ACME Special Agents? Because their products worked so well for Wile E. Coyote.

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