What did I learn from New York City

So I thought it was time I recapped my vacation to New York City.

  • Amtrack is an alright right, although long.
  • The extra $25 for business class is well worth it…free drinks, blanket (they keep it really cold on there), pillow, wall outlet for laptops/iphones, newspaper. No kids. Awesome.
  • Everything gets ugly after Harrisburg
  • Philly’s train station is huge, and the nicest of the ones I saw.
  • They don’t sell a Cheese Steak in the Philly train station. WTF.
  • Showing up in NYC at 5:30 on a weekday is crazy. I was about to start throwing elbows.
  • They cover the ice in the summer and run a cafe/bar at Rockefeller Center.
  • The Today Show seems less glamorous when they’re setting it up for the next day.
  • Nintendo World’s apparel is not fat kid friendly
  • Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square is the best I’ve been to yet…
  • …but I wish it was still WWF New York.
  • WWE On Demand is friggin’ sweet!
  • Central Park is friggin’ huge…
  • Saw no less than two confrontations. One in Bronx and one in Central Park
  • Lesbians and Gays are way more open walking around town. There was an interesting display outside the window of the museum in Central Park that stopped the foreign tourists. Highly entertaining.
  • The Met can easily kill an afternoon just walking around.
  • The Super Hero exhibit was cool for the movie outfits, but the Georgio designs were kind of weird.
  • The Met’s Egyptian section is extensive. Loved it.
  • ESPN Zone was a lot cooler than I expected. Big screens (lots of them), and we were served at our sweet recliners!
  • I may be a Yankees convert. They are way more fun to watch. (still Pirates faithful, but dammit, play like you care)
  • Midtown Comics is awesome! Must visit if you’re in town.
  • Met two wrestling fans, at ESPN Zone (waiter) and Midtown Comics, respectively. NY is wrestling town, folks!
  • Hammerstein Ballroom is stunning in person. Absolutely huge.
  • Ring of Honor has all the qualities we miss from ECW and JCW shows. (not to knock IWC’s family friendlier atmoshphere, but it was nice to chant “fuck TNA”)
  • A fishbowl and a half can make a night
  • Mad Mike can put it down with “Forgot about Dre” and “Pop”, equally well, getting the waitress in on the action.
  • Cockroaches great you. Almost literally.
  • It was odd to sit at Jimmie’s Saturday night and finish reading Watchmen the next day to find the apocolyptic scene from the same view. Creepy.

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