Video Blogging Continues

This has been a fun project so far. iMovie is growing on me. I’ve been able to throw my camera out in some fun situations, and do a recap. It’s just getting used to the camera that’s the issue. By the time my day has settled in enough to do some sort of recap to what I’ve shot in the day and edit, it’s stretching into my bed calling me. Here’s what the first week included:

Maybe it was a bit much, but this one included some talk about what’s going on at S’eclairer and some of the new hardware we got in, some clips from YinzTeam, and a walk through Sheetz, just for fun. The music/edit worked out well, but I really longed for a retiming option to speed up the Sheetz clip.

This one was a little rough. I wanted to talk about the Amazing Spider-Man movies, but didn’t have much to really say about them. A little bit about my work in Cleveland for Prime Wrestling, but the star is the view. My bookends to a day trip like this one was.

This one is a must. I did a few of the SorgCams from Podcasting nights. This should be a little more fun behind the scenes of what we do every week. Enjoy this one.

So, I’m getting used to the interface, but haven’t been able to get much in the way of speed editing. I’ve been tempted to try the Avid editor I’ve ready about on the iPad. We’ll see what the next week brings!

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