Turn On Your Podcast Energy

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Podcasting can be a chore.  You have to do it every week(or whatever your regular basis is).

I had a conversation with a fellow Podcaster this week where we discussed the energy you project.  When you do your recording, you need a couple of things.

Confidence –  Even if you’re sort of unsure.  Say it confidently.  If your listeners are good, they’ll correct you anyways.  If you listen to my friend from Panel Riot, you’ll here him being confidently unsure.

Energy – If you don’t sound like you want to be there, they won’t want to listen.  On Tuesdays when we record multiple shows, I make sure to coffee up so I’m energetic as possible for every show.  As you do your Podcast, you will be confident on what the intro and greeting is, and be able to turn up the energy on it.

Be on stage –  One discussion was with a comedian looking for his footing in the Podcast space. When you are behind the microphone, you’re on the stage.  I look at doing a Podcast with the same energy of when I’ve been on a “stage” teaching, playing an instrument, or doing a talk.   If you have a camera, you’re looking into the “audience” just as you would from that stage.

This is also why we have our 10 episode rule.  Get confident in the format and the subject, and then you can turn on these aspects of your Podcast.

What is keeping you from turning your energy on?

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