This Week in SorgCasts: Xmas Editions

Chachi Says 16: Not Yet in 3D
Chachi ventures to the top of a parking garage for a different angle on the town.  A good mix of geekery with a Samsung Tab “review” Tron Legacy, and then some.

AwesomeCast 31: Closing the Year on Tron
For the first time, we have the entire show in studio, no Skypes!  It’s like the good old days of the Wrestling Mayhem Show where it was just a bunch of guys in a room with a PC mic.  But we’re still a bit flashier.  I was sad to find a buzz from the middle of the show the chat room mentioned was stil in the final when I started rewatching this morning.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 250: Holiday Cheer!
We packed this one, and Mad Mike contribued plenty of holiday cheer with his Christmas song.  As with AwecomeCast, we went long, but heck, it’s the last show of the year!  We had some tech problems as when we had Remedy back in a few weeks ago.  Thankfully, Chachi wasn’t quite that talkative the first 20 minutes, and I found it in the second of three segments.
Well, overall, that’s a bit of a wrap.  I’ve cancelled out the Music Funtime Show for the rest of the year

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