This Week in SorgCasts: We Back!

It was a week of newfound energy after my week off.  And we came back in force this week.

Chachi Says 6: When Roombas Attack

Chachi hits us with part two of his Apocolypse series.

AwesomeCast 21: Caffeine Induced Psychopaths

Rob and Chachi on this week.  We ended up hitting on three topics, total, which spun off into a myriad of sub-topics.  This is some of the best, organic discussion we’ve had on here yet, and I think my co-hosts are getting pretty comfortable.  I listened back to this just today and was thoroughly entertained.  And if you’re material can’t entertain you, then you’re not doing it right.

Wrestling Mayhem Show 240: Hey Cena Fans! How is Your God Now?

I shot at a wrestling show this past weekend to find that WrestleFan2000 has something of a fan club.  I don’t know what’s going on with that kid, but he has turned on the crazy switch when it comes to his involvement on the show, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Mad Mike and LB filled out our core group once again, and we had a tremendous discussion about the TNA Bound for Glory show, Cena’s Nexus turn, and I vented about PPV prices, in what was some of our vest recent conversation.  Everyone was great to keep their cool in some potentially heated discussions.

Music Funtime Show 21: Basick Sickness

My first return interview to this show (not counting rehashed WPAJ Interviews) and I was honored to have Basick on the week of his album release.  He’s one of the guys that’d always been cool to me and my fledgling musical experiments, and it was great to have a talk with him again.

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