This Week in SorgCasts: Proclamational Moves

AwesomeCast 40: iPad 2 Slices and Dices

Norm came back!  We got Norm to come back and in studio, so no Gene Wilder behind him this time.  He works just over the hill at Loud Mountain, so it was opportune to have him in to talk about another area company and the relaunched StromHuelsman Podcast, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying.  He’s always trying new things over there.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 259: #winning #iwantwrestling

Dave Lagana joined us for this one.  An interview I’d looked forward to since I’ve been a big fan of his latest blog and podcast series.  It was a good half hour of talking about writing for WWE, Ring of Honor’s iPPVs, and the new social media stuff.  I hope to have a chance at a more extensive conversation some time in the future.  Maybe on the AwesomeCast?

Aside from that, I’m tackling this issue of settling for my usual compatriots on the show.  Everyone is good and usually have great chemistry when we’re not all angry about TNA, but I really believe keeping different faces from week to week keeps things fresh.  You know.  So there are different takes on why TNA sucks from week to week at least.  So we’ll be invoking a “week off” approach to the regular crew members to make room for new faces from week to week.

Also.  We’re the first ones, I’m aware of, to Charlie Sheen hashtag a title.  Just saying.

Sorgatron Media Attached to 2 Proclamations!

Wednesday, we went down to support Chachi in front of City Council for his Chachi Plays Day announcement.  We had plenty of people both onhand in person and in the chat room courtesy of the app for my iPhone 3GS, until the battery died, then Chachi’s G2, which didn’t hold a connection for long periods at a time.

Apologies to those swamped by the tweets every time I resumed the feed.  Whoops.  #TwitterConnectFail

Chachi Says 24: Chachi Plays Day!

A nice companion piece to the proclamation for Chachi Plays for Kids.  We did some quick FlipCam stuff before and after, and had the…grand… footage of the proclamation moment itself.
Music Funtime Show 35

More nerdcore.  More free music.  Really need to consider a way to mix this up again.  Perhaps a look at ressurecting some interview concepts or the video version may be in order soon…

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