This Week in SorgCasts: Nature Strikes!

Nature.  It’s a bitch.  Both the mother that reigns from the sky, and the personal nature to maybe not check all of the bells and whistles before embarking on your latest Podcast venture for the week…

AwesomeCast 7: Lack of Polish

Again, serving to not go as smoothly as I’d hoped, this one was my mistake all of the way.  See, each podcasting session involves hooking up my MacBook to the system, and includes plugging it into the firewire cameras, external recording drive, and an input from the audio board to record with the video.  25 minutes in, I realize I never plugged that in.  Thankfully, I believe in multiple backup recordings, and managed to toss in the subpar audio from another machine.  Yay for paranoia!

Wrestling Mayhem Show 227: Remembering Trent Acid

Then as if it wasn’t enough, we were setting up with our interview with Johnny Kashmere, and nature struck.  We couldn’t hear much of the rain and storm outside, but after our first attempt to reach our interview, the power went out.  We went minimal tech, and rolled after two outs.  Thankfully, we stayed on the rest of the night.

Including our interview.  Kashmere was on thanks to the Acid Fest show this past weekend at the famed “ECW Arena” in Philedelphia.  He had teamed with, and was good friends with, Trent Acid, who had passed in late June, and had put together this tribute show to raise money to help the family with funeral costs.  It was a good 25 minute interview, and Johnny was great.  He was emotion about the subject, but great in helping us get to know Trent in his passing and touch on the demons of this wrestling industry.  This was one of the toughest shows I think we had done since the Benoit tragedy a few years back.  We got back into the swing of things and had some fun for the rest of the show, but it pales in comparison to this interview.

Music Funtime Show 11: Frontalot

This marked a little bit of reaching out.  Partly because we featured another old interview by Will/DJLunchbox of, and the last minute thought to bring in old friend from AIP, and co-founder, JuggaloJohn on the show to talk about his problem with the Lilith Fair.  It’s opened up some new ideas for commentary for the show.

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