This Week in SorgCasts: Mo’ Equipment. Mo’ Problems.

Well, after starting this last time, I sort of started the revamping of, which replaced my need to repost about my shows here.  Although I thought maybe this would be a place for a little “director’s commentary” about the shows I’m working on after everything is said and done for the week’s production…

Wrestling Mayhem Show 225: Take the…Ladies….

Doc Remedy and Mayhem Missie came back!  It’s been a year since these two  were on in a regular basis, and frankly, I’ve been reeling to fill the gap.  We were off to a slow start.  I think that some of the the pre-show tech issues, slow news week, and unwillingness to talk about Cleveland in general all contributed.  but once we were in the groove, something magical happen.  Ok, mostly just dirty talk and having fun with King Frown’s album.

AwesomeCast 5: A Little Face Time

We had AJ Kuftic on this week to jointly show off his iPhone 4 with Rob.  It was fun to let them go off on the positives and negatives of the much heralded “God phone”.  AJ was a great guy to have on the phone.  I don’t think I’d had a chance to get really tech talky with him in social functions, but that’s sure to change now that his inner geekdom is exposed…

Music Funtime 9: The Dirtball

Sadly, once again, I didn’t have the time to schedule an interview.  But that’s alright!  I’ve been gladly cycling through my treasure trove of old WPAJ Interview shows for content.  This is a lot of content that many may not have heard, and hopefully, establishes the show as more than a fly-by-night music show and shows some history of what we’ve been doing and who we’ve talked to.  But I have reached out to some of my favorite underground artists, in the meantime.

Over the weekend, I hooked up the new hardware and made a quick example video.

Found some Caveats with our setup in recording this week.  Mostly, my higher end Panasonic DVX100B would take in the output of other cameras instead of the s-video’d PC output. Also, I think my Macbook Pro is topping out when I stick three feeds on at the same time. Boinx layers it’s feeds, so it probably has to process all of them behind the live shot, dropping frames.  We’ll see when I review the casts for next week.  Also, I’ve gotten my hands on some old tape-broken DVRs that may help this situation.

Considerations: I think my next step is to take some of the stress off of the MacBook/BoinxTV for inputs.  Ideally, there’s a cheaper Videonics switcher we’ve used for wrestling filming with Digital Horizons I may need to acquire for my own work.

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