This Week in SorgCasts: Better Than Ice T’s Acting

AwesomeCast 35: Not Yet Pulled From iTunes
Another episode where we invited AJ in for the one-two punch.  This is what happens in a “there’s no news” week.  Which is odd, since I felt like we had plenty to talk about.  Poor Rob, though.  He was joining us from one of his new gigs at the Cotton Factory, which we wondered where the chinese child labor was being kept.  Another fun show keeping with the style I think we’re building on that’s it’s own, I hope.
Wrestling Mayhem Show 254: 1-900-WRESTLEFAN
For those that aren’t aware, a good bit of the between show segments are being recorded for posting on our iPhone and Android app.  We recently started the “WrestleFan Project” based on his video blogs introducing us to her cookie stand friend.  This lead to the most sidesplitting funny stuff I’ve had on here in a long time.  Somewhere, we ended up breaking out into song with AJ chiming in.  Tremendous, and likely making it worth the 1.99 for the app for most.
Chachi Says 20: Chachi Plays
Chachi finally unveiled his charity event.  I remember ages ago when I was trying to convince him to do a video podcast based on his personality and the following he’d garnered on Twitter.  It only made sense to get him on video, if only for five minutes a week.  Now we get 24 hours of him playing video games for charity.  Who knows what’s going to come next after this one’s done!

Music Funtime Show 31: Nerdcore and Orchestral Culture

I enjoy putting a little bit of synergey across my shows now and again.  This time, I was able to feature Walt Ribeiro’s music from, some more from Scrub Club, and Jonathan Coulton in advance of his concert Friday night.

It was a rather late night for me this past production Tuesday.  So much so that it was well after midnight before I got to editing.  That’s where Johnny Mnemonic came in handy.  This flick is supposed to take place in this 2010s, so it was a good chance to compare notes on the future from the future…

  • 320 GB – over capacity for Johnny’s head.  He couldn’t hold a month of my podcasting backups.
  • They still have to fax the code to the receiver?
  • Where’s my lightsaber whip?
  • Henry Rollins doesn’t look much different…
  • They still use VCRs

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