This Week in SorgCasts: Back to it in the New Year

It’s a new year, and it started with a full deck of shows, and much more next week!

Chachi Says 17: Jumping in the Mon

This was another on the spot episode.  I always worry that Chachi rushes in these situations, but it was great to have the fresh footage thanks to Matt of us jumping and to be able to present it on this platform.  The show could easily end up being a chronicle of the crazy antics Chachi gets into naturally in his life…Maybe we should do a reality show…

I also need to remember I have a lavelier for my iphone when we shoot at public spots like Ruggers.

AwesomeCast 32: The iPad Killer

Oh man, the technology.  It was great to have Chachi in studio for the first official “employee” of our little venture.  Just having him setup some cameras really aided in my rushed nature before the show.  Rob learned he can’t have good video and audio at the same time.  Chilla joined us and learned he had to use a bluetooth headset to work with his Skype.  I’m getting sort of annoyed with the Mac Skype.  It seems like it has much less control than the PC version, and we’re always running into problems on Macs because of it.  At least with the Mayhem Crew, they’re on PCs and have options to try for noise reduction and such.  I’m pretty sure no one really read any news over the holiday, plus just being on the eve of CES, with nothing but the usual “there’s going to be a crapload of tablets and TVs we’ll never want to buy” sorts of stories.  Slow start to the year.

But we did get that Skype test done I posted the other day…

Wrestling Mayhem Show 251: She’s a nice lady

Bam, back again.  Will was off because of his new job (congratulations!)  but we had the interstate crew on the Skype lines.   There were some tech issues with Skype, but who hasn’t had them lately.  GTalk Video worked in our test preshow, but my older PCs can’t handle the full screen mode for some reason.  The show had a lot of good discussions, but I felt the TNA complaining got a little too heavy.  Have to circumvent that in the future.

Music Funtime Show 28: Back to the roots

Well, it’s back, and getting to it’s roots as an audio podcast.  We’re still going to do the video, but the weekly thing was rough on Josh and my schedules since we’re both trying to makes something a little more post edited.  Hope to have that new show debut next week.

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