Things you should be doing.

There are a few things that I was made aware of that you should be made aware of.

  • Go check out Episode 61 of Techno Granny, where “Wife of the Mayhem” Missy was interviewed just yesterday about Podcamp Pittsburgh. She’s so smart.
  • Head over to and listen to Episode 40 and sign up for the all expenses (except transportation) to a beer fest in Erie, PA!
  • Sign up for Podcamp Pittsburgh 3 while your at it.
  • Check out all the action packed videos (natch) at
  • Head to No Clue’s site and ask them how you can get that new “Unbreakable” album. It’s worth it. It’s local (Ohio). And I will have a review up shortly. White Boy Rap FTW!
  • Tell me what you want to see at Sorgstock in August.

That is all.

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