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I’ve had a long standing conversation with Chachi, as well as some others, about my view on the tools we use.  We often go back and forth, often, about our feature sets for my iPhone vs his Android based T-Mobile G1 (the little early adopter…).

It’s been a good back and forth.  Lately, there’s a lot of momentum of new, interesting, things for his phone coming down the line like the Google Nav, and having Layar long before I did.  His platform has more interesting new technology coming along due to the open nature of the platform.  Mine, in my opinion, feels more stable, and has way better video games.  Until yesterday, we determined I have no loyalty.  I’d drop my iPhone like a bad habit once the Android seemed more viable.  I’m not a hanger on to technology, like some people I know that love their Windows Mobile.

Maybe it's a phaser...I've always wanted a phaser...
Maybe it's a phaser...I've always wanted a phaser...

As I mentioned before, my studio comprises of Linux, Windows, and soon, a Mac for video switching.  The “cloud” concept has eliminated the need for us to fight over the computer standard war.  I can have all of these formats and have everything synced and linked as I need it.  The exception being running my Ustream channel on Linux is still troublesome.  IM is handed in my Gchat (within Gmail that’s always open anyways).  Documents are handled and managed on my Google Docs.  (though you should back those up locally).  The battle is going to start being service vs service, instead of PC vs Mac in the future.

So let’s tear down some arguments.

  • Mac doesn’t make me better than you – Get over it.  If it’s out of your price range, it’s not for you.  You pay for the standard, the look and feel, the innovation of the hardware, and less clutter.  There is nothing wrong for the web surfer to pick up a $500 laptop if that’s all you need.  You probably shouldn’t be looking at the Mac anyways, unless you just want to impress your Mac-a-like friends.  And frankly, $600 is not that bad for a small form factor computer that’s powerful enough to do just about anything, including run two operating systems concurrently.  And don’t forget your Anti-Virus subscription when factoring in that “Apple Tax”
  • It’s ok to be a Windows user. You are not lesser of a person.  You except the inherent risks that go with having the most widespread install base today.  You are automatically a target and need to pay attention.  But you just want to get the job done.  Microsoft is making great strides to make it easier for you to figure it out.  What you save versus an Apple computer you can fill the gap with you’re IT nephew that will help you get rid of that malware you acquired downloading that recipe for Toll House cookies.  (because we believe that’s what you were doing, Dad…)  Here’s a hint:  Macs don’t do anything that PC’s can’t, in the long run.  Mac fanatics just prefer the way it gets done.
  • I can’t get used to the touch screen. Give it a shot.  It’ll take a week if you’re going to get it, and everyone that was stand offish about moving from a physical keyboard refuses to go back now.  Touch is the future, and you shouldn’t be texting while your driving anyways (because that’s the real reason you want those buttons).
  • How about some real competition. I support the Android wholeheartedly.  I’ve often winced at the functions Chachi enjoys over my lowly 3GS, but I know that, in the end, that just will make my iPhone better.  If not with a software update, then the next iteration that will await when this handcuff-like contract expires.  In the end, we all win.  Look at the sameness in the Mac vs PC arguments these days.  They’ve competed back and forth, and now the PCs have had to step up on the innovation side.

So what do you think?  What do you use?  Are you willing to go to the dark side if it meant a better experience?  Or are you and angry fanboy?

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