The Star Wars Question

I suppose my daddy biological clock is ticking. I’ve started thinking a bit about having kids, and how would I raise them. These are the things that run through my head these days…

I want him/her to be brought up with the right morals. The right experiences. So the question:

Which trilogy will they watch first?

So, I grew up with Star Wars. My sister went to see them when they were in the theaters. It’s a part of your childhood as much as any fairy tale of Snow White, Pinnochio, and the like. Episodes 1-3 were the national progression as they came out.

On one hand, they can watch it straight through. From kiddie Darth all the way through to his downfall and salvation. It’s the natural transgression, and you get Jar Jar out of the way much sooner. The story would be less confusing, maybe. More naturally flowing.

On the other hand, that could take away from the initial magic of the “original trilogy”. The mysteries it holds. The revelation of Darth being his father. That Luke kissed his sister (I don’t think I want to have that talk too early…)

And, by no means, will they ever be subjected to the Star Wars Christmas Special….

What do you guys think?

5 thoughts on “The Star Wars Question

  1. Show them in the order you saw them. Trickle videogaming systems to them too. My kids will start on an NES and work their way up.

  2. You have to see them in the correct order the way they were released, also i agree with lunchbox on the gaming sitch.

  3. Jack is getting them IV-VI and then I-III…when he’s older and can make his own decisions, then he can start at I and watch them through.

  4. If I could afford the therapy bills I’m just a big enough jackass to make my kids start with the Zahn trilogy and work their way backwards.

    My children will know them as they were released. By the time I spawn we’ll have 6 movies, all of the clone wars stuff, and who knows how many seasons of the live action tv show. If he/she watches all of the stuff in chronological order they’ll give up before they catch a glimpse of an wampa.

    My 4 year old nephew knows them 1-6 and he still loves them.

  5. I agree with going in release order. I would also go so far as to not let them watch straight through, but space at least a month or so to build up the anticipation. Ideally I’d make them wait the length of time between each release, but that would be cruel and unusual torture. NES? No, start out with Atari 2600, maybe even a Commodore VIC 20 (or a 64 if you wan to splurge). Then move up to Intellivison and Colecovision. Then you can move on to the NES – must do the game systems in release order too!

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