The Red Ring of Death has Tarnished My House. Part 3

Ok. Lets Review…..

As you can see, it’s been a few weeks of highs and lows. But last Thursday, Sorg got his Xbox back.

Again, I give it to Microsoft. Upon sending me Xbox back in it’s “coffin” I received a confirmation email leading me to a page on that showed me, in colorful pictures, what step of the repair process I was at. After a couple of days, much faster than I expected, I noticed it had been sent out on a Saturday! That very Thursday, my box arrived!

The package contained my wrapped console with a free month of Xbox Gold card taped to it. Instructions were included reminding me to to resync my controllers, that I may need to redownload my Xbox Marketplace purchases, and a comment survey.

I hooked the machine up and checked things out. After resetting my internet settings, everything was there (since it was on the hard drive I kept). Interestingly, I did not have to redownload my games and DLC (downloadable content). I had a brief disagreement with some Rock Band tracks that worked itself out, and some demos (ie. Halo Wars) wouldn’t work without a redownload. I did notice that the date on my console is still the same as before. Now, I thought that you receive a completely different, refurbished, system. So I wonder if something has changed.

Either way, the machine is up and running, we downloaded some new Rock Band and Guitar Hero tracks and rocked it out with Chachi and Silent Ninja over the weekend, rocked some Duke Nukem, and streamed some Netflix.

All is good in the Sorg household again…

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