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I had to bite the bullet and get my hands on The Marine 2, starring our favorite Legacy member, Ted Dibiase, Jr.  Now, first off, I have to state that I hate these non-sequels.  Sequels to movies that have different actors, go straight to video, or even just have different characters with absolutely no connection to the original.  So already this flick has three strikes against is.

It’s basically very run of the mill action.  You’re someplace exotic.  Everyone’s having fun.  Something blows up.  There’s a hostage situation.  The local fuzz is playing it safe to save their asses.  Lone wolf that knows what he’s doing, who wasn’t even supposed to be here today steps up to go rogue and save his lovely wife.  You can’t fault Dibiase for any of this.  But he takes it and does an admirable job in delivering what he was handed.  The unfortunate part is that The Marine, while still mindless action, was actually fun. But I think I’ve broken down the where this lacked in comparison in some key factors.

  • Not as many opportunities to show how inflammable our Marine is as the first flick.
  • Our protagonist’s wife/girlfriend isn’t quite as OMG hot as the first.
  • The bad guy isn’t nearly as witty or likable as “Mr. T-1000” Robert Patrick.
  • Are we sure this wasn’t Behind Enemy Lines 8?
  • Um.  Any fun whatsoever.

On the plus side, my videography self trained eye spotted some decent long shots during fight scenes.  Particularly during the obligatory fight with a pair of karate baddies.

Rent it as a wrestling fan, folks.  Watch it with your dad that thinks Steven Segal and Delta Force are great movies.

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