The Great TV Experiment Part 5: Regression

So, it’s been four days of my Sorgcation, in which I’ve simply returned to “the farm”, as it’s fast becoming out here.  It has also been a return to the old way of watching television.  More so due to the fantastic 256k DSL “Lite” running out here that can’t hold up a stream on Hulu or Netflix.

I may have written before about how when we first started subscribing to satellite television back in the day, around 1996, it was a life changer to have more than 3 stations.  Now, if feels more like a bane.  There isn’t much to do in this neck of the woods, so I’ve been surfing the channels like the good old days.  I forgot how much I don’t miss this.  I’ve heard commercials in the last few days with such repetition that I’m annoyed to overhear in the next room.  The selection rarely succumbs to anything but tolerable enough to watch, with only a few gems like the Cops marathon.

So many choices.  None you want to watch.

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