The Great TV Experiment Part 4: A New Way

On June 12, I saw history. After the amazing Stanley Cup victory our Penguins pulled off, I was watching WPXI, and knew the transition was at midnight. So about two minutes before, I switched to the analog feed. And watched it dissappear.
And in the wake of this final transition, we saw an increase in our channel selection. More stations like CW 19 and WBGN started becoming available. Presumably due to more powerful, dedicated signals starting to broadcast.

It’s been a few weeks since I last updated on how this “Great TV Experiment” was going. I’ve learned along the way, and seen others follow in my footsteps, or at least deeply consider it. And twice last week, I was asked “so how’s it going?”

Really, I don’t think I’ve noticed. Somehow, I watch just as much television as I did before, though more varied, and my watching feels more mobile. In this last week, I’ve been rather sick and avoided any holiday festivities, instead resting and exploring my outlets with Netflix and PlayOn. This was a godsend with the networks showing “paid programming” and other indigestable content during the off hours. Instead, I trucked through Seasons 1 and 2 of the IT Crowd, and Season 2 of Dexter and a few movies queued up.

Even over the last few days, I’ve found myself picking up on other series, throwing on Seaquest, something I’ve watched ages ago in its first run, to doze off a nap to. I’ve been watching the recently discovered Avatar series for something a little different, and to see what all of the fuss is about that they decided to do a movie trilogy about it.

And when I decide not to fuss with the Xbox to get my on demand going, I’m content with the Simpsons/Family Guy reruns in the early evening and the random documentary on PBS. I love Rick Sebak’s documentaries and caught a fantastic behind the scenes for Art Wofle’s show. A bonus for my aspiring production background. Even got thrown to see Neil Patrick Harris on Sesame Street Sunday morning….
So in the long run, I think I’ve successfully shifted my viewing habits. The plus side is that now I’m no longer tied to my one television with a DVR to catch up on my television watching, and can “take” my viewing to my office and get some work done.

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