The Exclusive Effect

Google+ is out there, and everyone is clamouring to get an exclusive invite to the latest Facebook killer.

And it seems so very familiar…

Back in the day, “everyone” was on Myspace.  I don’t know how many shows and interviews I setup via Myspace messages as this was some people’s primary point of contact.  So much of our little community was there and conversing, and sometimes fighting, and the unmanageable message boards.  It seemed unbeatable.  Even as everyone complained about the crashes, spam, and malware the site’s open architecture of profile editing spawned.

Then Facebook came along to save us all.  It was stripped of the customizability of profiles that made you remember the animated gif crazy of the late ’90’s.  It was clean, and all of your smart friends jumped ship while everyone was still left in Myspace wasteland.  But then your family started joining.  And your class reunion started happening every day, little by little.  And all of those Farmville invites.  And Facebook seems to makes things different, even just moving a button or how groups look, every other day.

Here we go again with Google+.  Another exclusive club where the social elitists that live on Twitter can go and stake their flag of geekiness.  We laugh when we enjoy the lack of Farmville or our long lost classmates and marvel at it’s cleanliness.

But it’s coming.  One day, if Google+ does prove to be the next best thing, is it going to just be inundated with the same sorts of annoyances that drive us away?

Are we going to be longing for something different when our mom his +Mom as well?

Or has Google finally given us the tools to keep those things seperate that people understand, maybe keeping us from being doomed to repeat ourselves…again…


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