The Biggest Wrestling Fan

Some 12 years ago, I had to make the dreaded trek anyone does when they meet someone special:  meet the in laws. But with the uncertainty of the new family I would eventually grow on (I think) there was this sweet old lady.  That was Stone Cold’s biggest fan.

I was greeted by fables of one great Christmas gathering where she was gifted an Austin 3:16 shirt.  And proceeded to do the Stone Cold Salute.  In front of all of the kids.  And grand kids.  Her house was adorned with Stone Cold posters and toys.

The best was having the fortune to watch when wrestling was on, or bringing a DVD from my own collection.  I’ve long been a fan of watching others that just love the stuff. Get a good match on with Austin or Undertaker,  or someone else that she despises (she never seemed to forget about guys like Kurt Angle or Edge being bad guys at one point).  She would get so into it.  Reacting, shuffling her feet.  Often hitting the person watching next to her at the table.

Every Monday for a LONG period I’d have to call to make sure RAW was on for her and talk to her about what was going on.  Every Xmas, we renewed the WWE calendar on her wall.

The pinnacle was when we discovered WWE was having untelevised event just modest drive away on Elmira.  Missy and I had a sign about their 82 year old fan in the audience.  We had great seats 9 rows back (the last row on the floor in this small arena) along the aisle.  The main event was Batista in a handicapped match against his former Evolution mates Triple H and Ric Flair.  Guess who hated Ric Flair.  So many times we recounted how we thought she was ready to jump that barrier (she was a spry 82) when they were taking it to Batista.

And you couldn’t mess with her.  As much as the hitting was invoked when she was into her show, she wasn’t afraid to haul off when you got into it with her.  The intentional arguments we had with her were such a blast.

So here is to the coffee drinkin’, ass kicking, kendo stock swinging, grandma with a ‘tude.  It was amazing to see the loved ones you were surrounded by these last few days.  And I know you are sitting front row up there for Macho Man vs Chief Jay Strongbow at JesusMania MMXII.

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