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social media choicesSocial Media can be scary. It’s not even for everyone.  As I talk with new and current clients, I’m constantly considering how much “help” needs to happen, or if I’m over serving a client, can hand off some control, or if we’re a fit at all.  Lately I’ve been considering these break downs.  

Full control – This is when the client knows they need to be on Social Media.  Hopefully has a goal in mind. But has not interest or time to do so. This makes sense  the larger the organization, but puts a lot in the hands of helping a smaller mom and pop organization. 

Symbiotic – This is where I like to lean if I’m representing a person to help make them the focus.  This can include helping to figure out strategies, schedule and help be responsive to tweets, and overall manage.  But sometimes there is only so much you can do from the outside.  If you are dealing with an audience or brick and mortar, there is so much that happens day to day that tells the story of that organization that I could never convey, or even know about.  When you enforce the company to contribute, it adds more authenticity on top of your planned out reach. 

Teach Them to Fish – Maybe that client doesn’t need a whole person to do it for them. Maybe they can’t afford someone to do Social Media independently.  So many look at it because they can’t afford straight marketing and advertising at an early stage. This is where, broadly, events like Podcamp Pittsburgh, MeetUps and other educational events can help get someone started.  If there needs to me some more hands on direction, this can start with setup, a plan, and some time to educate the client and hold their hand as they get comfortable with the tools and integrating it in their day to day.  

When I’m considering these, I’m not discussing large companies with assets and marketing plans.  To me, this level of Social Media is for the smaller private practice, small to mid business, or non-profit. 

So what level are you?  Are you a do it your selfer, or do you just want it taken care of?  

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