The 10 Episode Rule of Podcasting

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Too many times with Podcasting, as with many online and creative ventures, there is a desolate wasteland of false starts and faded content.

podcastingAt Podcamp Pittsburgh 2, I still recall being introduced to the concept of “Podfading” by Dawn Papuga.  The idea of your podcast going away, leaving your listeners hanging, and how to prevent that.  I think this rule will give you a good foundation to make sure that doesn’t happen.  When I start a new show, or advise anyone who wants to start a new Podcast, I give the 10 episode rule.  After you have done 10 episodes straight, you’re Podcast is for real

Once you hit 10 episodes, you should have figured out:

  •  How to fit the show in your schedule (and how much time it takes to prep/record/edit/post)
  • The technical issues you may have to get the show done
  • The personal comfort issues.  Are you comfortable with the microphone?  Is the format of the show working?

If you make 10 episodes, you have made a conscience effort to do that thing. If you’re starting a show for the first time, you may want to do 10 episodes and not release them in case you don’t feel comfortable with the quality yet.  That’s ok. 

This is the sort of information I’m going to go over in great detail when we talk the hardware Nuts ‘N Bolts of Podcasting at our first Lunch ‘n Learn event October 1! If you’re in Pittsburgh, want to learn to Podcast for real, and love lunch, please register here

What do you want me to cover in future newsletters?  Let me know here! 

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